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Jean-Pascal SARNIN
and Jean-Marie BERRUX

Focused on sustainable development and respect for the environment, we strive to produce high quality, natural and lively wines from grapes that we buy from organic winegrowers.

Our wines are produced in a traditional and ancestral way but with the help of modern technology : thus, we respect the grapes as much as possible, we limit handling the grapes by utilizing modern equipment, and continue on the path of minimal intervention by not using any oenological product (except the addition of a small dose of sulfites before bottling) 

It is with great respect for the harvest that we have chosen to use a pneumatic press and to dedicate ourselves to wine making without any addition of sulfur, yeasts, enzymes, etc.. The same philosophy applies during the aging process, which will be done on lies until the single pumping before bottling.


Focused on quality

The harvest is manual and the grapes are transported from the vineyard to the winery using our perforated boxes with special attention on quickly transporting the grapes.


Depending on the climatic conditions and our agreements with the winegrowers, we may decide to harvest one or more plots ourselves in order to have grapes with the best possible phenolic maturity.

Grape harvest

The pressing is carried out in a long and progressive way thanks to a pneumatic press, this ensures the preservation of the most desirable qualities of the grapes.


At every key stage of the wine making process, decisions are made according to the lunar calendar of M. & M. Thun.


The red wine process takes place over several weeks in tapered wooden vats, and in most cases, a cold maceration of the whole-bunch harvest before the natural start of the activity of indigenous yeasts.

Red wine

Following the pressing, we allow for the wine to settle naturally ; the alcoholic fermentation will take place over a period of 1 to 6 months.

White wine

Our partnership with winegrowers who are growing organic grapes is the key element of our winemaking. Then we can carry out the vinification very carefully and make the most of it.


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